In a Press Enterprise story published this past week, opponents trying to unseat San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos lashed out at the two-term incumbent and provoked a response.

Challengers Frank Guzman and Bob Conaway hammered away at Ramos for his handling of corruption investigations and his womanizing within his department.

The newspaper even made reference to local political blogs which assert that Ramos has engaged in numerous affairs, most of which are within the office and involve his subordinates.

The article reads:

“In addition to his corruption investigation, his challengers and others say Ramos is unfit to hold the office because he has been implicated in extramarital affairs — directly by one employee. Authors of online blogs have suggested others as well.”

What was even more interesting was Ramos’ response which was as follows:

“Ramos says the innuendos about alleged affairs are “absolutely” false and says the accusations are because of his prosecution of county officials.”

Many politicos are commenting on Ramos having noticeable weight loss of somewhere in the area of 20-30 pounds over the past few months. Ramos is a avid exercise fanatic and has always maintained a slender build. So the question that seems to be on the tip of every one’s tongue is; What’s up?

Ramos is described as a man with a now somewhat skeletal frame who exhibits sunken-in eyes.

Forget exercise, this sounds like and has been described as a man with the look of many worries.

The man’s a shoe-in for reelection in June. So what worries? For Ramos it should be more like party time. But then again, with Ramos it usually is.

Well let’s see. From what’s brewing out there on the streets it seems the corruption cases aren’t going so well. Prosecutors are trying to delay the Rex Gutierrez case again even though the trial would conclude after the election. So this begs the question; Why the delay? Bring it on!

It’s believed the Gutierrez case has many issues, particularly with potential witnesses. Some of which won’t be kind to Ramos. A conviction here is highly unlikely.

Secondly, the main corruption case isn’t going well either. A whole lot of discovery wasn’t turned over to lawyers for Bill Postmus and Jim Erwin. As a matter of fact pretty much all of it.

And last but not least those pesky “alleged” Ramos affairs.

The lawsuit by former Ramos mistress Cheryl Ristow is looming between now and August. But, then again according to Ramos the relationship never happened.

Also out there on the political wire it’s rumored that more women have come forward, and yes, it’s documented. But then again, there’s that Ramos denial.

I almost forgot about the Attorney General. Ramos has dragged Edmund “Jerry” Brown into his mess with many promises and false assertions. Now Brown has to face a well-funded Republican challenger in November, with the so-called worst case of corruption in San Bernardino County or maybe even State history, wrapped around his neck.

The theme to the old Dragnet series sounds appropriate right about now.