Written by Administrator
May 3rd, 2010 at 7:37 pm

Last week’s turning over of discovery by San Bernardino County lead prosecutor Louis Cope to the defense counsel of former Assessor Bill Postmus and former Assistant Assessor Jim Erwin has proven to be interesting, just as expected.

First and foremost, it is difficult to call the discovery “evidence,” unless one wants to term it “evidence of no wrongdoing.”

The documents turned over to defense counsel have proven exactly what Erwin and Postmus have been claiming right along:  Millions of dollars of taxpayer money has been spent to leave no stone unturned and the district attorney’s office has not been able to find evidence that anything exchanged hands that would constitute bribery or extortion.

But there were a couple of items even more interesting.  Some moron in the District Attorney’s office did turn over the Evidence Log, a rather damning piece of evidence in and of itself.  You see, after the judge ordered the District Attorney’s office to turn over all evidence to the defense, it turns out, based on the log where each piece of evidence is assigned an evidence tracking number using a Bates Stamp, well they missed a piece or two.  Okay, so they missed a heck of a lot.

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