Written by Administrator
April 29th, 2010 at 8:55 pm

For anyone who has utilized the services of San Bernardino County’s hospital and is not an Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) VIP, it comes as no surprise that ARMC’s billing system is a mess.

Those who handle the billing are spread throughout the medical center and no one talks to one another. As a matter of fact, turf wars exist that sometimes result in billing being months, and yes, even years behind. It is yet one more area of ARMC that its medical director, Dr. Dev Gnanadev, has micromanaged into disarray.

ARMC has traditionally served the indigent and low-income members of our county. As such, many receive Medi-Cal, SSI and other government entitlement programs. Such programs are strict about billing, but if done correctly and timely, result in millions of dollars being returned to San Bernardino County. “Correctly” and “timely” are the key words here.

Having spent a year working on special projects involving billing at ARMC, I saw first hand the lack of concern for doing anything correctly or timely. I personally processed bills that had been sitting in piles for more than two years unprocessed and therefore were uncollectable. No one will do anything about correcting the problem.

A few weeks ago iePolitics received an anonymous email regarding the use of alcohol and cocaine by members of the Pre-Medical Qualification (or Insurance Verification) unit. That email was forwarded to County Administrative Office Greg Devereaux minus anything that could possibly identify the sender. Do I expect to see anything done about it? Of course not.

PMQ was the unit I worked in and I know what went on. I personally spoke with Mark Uffer about it and all that happened was sources were disciplined, or at least those they thought were sources. Uffer and Gnanadev wanted nothing negative to be made public about ARMC even if it meant losing millions of dollars.

The potential to bring in a tremendous additional amount of revenue at ARMC is there but it will never be accomplished with Dr. Dev running the show and protecting the perverts, drug addicts, and incompetents who make up much of the billing staff management.

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