In getting the Riverside County Board of Supervisors to approve their massive 11,350-home Villages of Lakeview project, did the Lewis Group of Companies hang the board out to dry?

This just might be the case.

Since the project’s approval Riverside County has been slammed by three separate lawsuits filed by the City of Riverside and a combination of four environmental groups over impacts of the project.

You can read a recent Press Enterprise story regarding the recently filed lawsuits here.

In approving the development, county supervisors are accused of violating the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the county’s own general plan.

Now the county has to spend precious taxpayer dollars to defend its decision.

The proposed development neighbors a 10,000 acre wildlife preserve. What a nightmare.

One would think any developer would actually effort an attempt to perform appropriate due diligence to keep the Board of Supervisors and the county out of hot water.

But performing due diligence cost money and that’s something the Lewis Group of Companies hates parting with.

Spend other peoples money, just not theirs. Nice work if you can get it.

Mr. Randall Lewis, Executive Vice President for the Lewis Group of Companies, told the Press Enterprise the project went through “thorough” planning.

Sure it did.

The proposed project is located within Supervisor Marion Ashley’s district.

Ashley, who helped shepherd the project through, didn’t return the newspapers telephone calls. I can’t imagine Ashley is thrilled at the moment. County Supervisors don’t like being taken advantage of.

I bet those campaign contributions the county supervisors received from Lewis aren’t worth this headache that’s for sure.

The word “hoodwinked” comes to mind.