By PE Politics
on April 28, 2010 10:32 AM

Fontana Mayor Mark Nuaimi is slamming a re-election mailer sent out by San Bernardino County Supervisor Paul Biane.

The mailer criticizes Fontana Councilwoman Janice Rutherford, one of Biane’s opponents in the June 8 election, for being a “big spender” and for going on a “reckless shopping spree with your $$$!”

It features Rutherford’s photo on a likeness of the Energizer Bunny but with “spending” written across the drum.

In a letter to local media, Nuaimi said Biane should focus on highlighting his accomplishments rather than trying to “tear down the success that Fontana has enjoyed this past decade.”

Nuaimi said the city’s budget increased because of population growth and because businesses added jobs.

“So please elevate the dialog from ‘energizer bunny’ cartoons and attacks against a woman of impeccable accomplishments and perhaps share why we should ignore the growing list of accusations against you — accusations that amount to one of the worst corruption cases in the history of our county,” Nuaimi wrote.

Biane campaign consultant Chris Jones said this morning that the mailer is an accurate representation of Rutherford’s record. Instead of conserving, Rutherford and the City Council kept spending, Jones said by telephone.

“Councilwoman Rutherford has a record as a elected official and is going to have to defend that,” Jones said. “The facts are on our side. Some of the other Fontana politicians may not like to hear that but they aren’t running.”

The mailer, shown below, also includes a quote attributed to The Press-Enterprise on July 22, 2006 about the Fontana budget.

“The budget increased spending by 17% over last year’s budget … but instead of taking a break, Councilmembers spent Wednesday reviewing just how they are going to keep it up,” the mailer read.

Here are the first four paragraphs of the story that appeared June 22, 2006:

In the year since City Council members last pored over Fontana’s annual budget, they’ve moved toward annexation of about 3,000 acres, watched construction of 1,100 homes and broken ground on $100 million worth of parks, libraries and community centers.

But instead of taking a breath, council members spent Wednesday reviewing just how they’re going to keep it up.

“This is a fantastic story,” said Mayor Mark Nuaimi, moments before the council unanimously adopted the city’s $208.5 million budget for 2006-07, “and I just think we’re going to keep exceeding everyone’s expectations.”

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