I was spending some time over the last few days giving some thought to former County Administrative Officer (CAO) Mark Uffer’s teaching job at California State University, San Bernardino and came up with some more appropriate courses I believe should be instituted at the school.

Uffer is currently assigned to teach PA 664 – Management of Public Organizations, a graduate level course.

Whether he has shown up in the classroom is another question.

Here are some ideas for new courses that could be created with the former CAO in mind:

ACCT 501 - Accounting with Invisible Numbers
MGMT 621 - Subterfuge as a Management Technique
PHIL 210 - Philosophy of Self-Destruction
SOC  205 - Eliminating Friends While Making Enemies in Business
MGMT 555 - Deflecting Responsibility in Government
PA   601 - Management through Misdirection
PA   503 - Buying Loyalty in Government
ACCT 010 - What are Assets and Liabilities?
FIN  311 - Public Finance the Easy Way
PA   541 - Undermining in Government

Feel free to leave your own suggestions under comments.