Finally, someone has stood up to the Lewis Group of Companies and said enough is enough.

That someone is the State of California.

The State of California Department of General Services announced it has canceled an agreement with Lewis Companies and Shapell Homes to redevelop the now closed Fred C. Nelles Correctional Facility in Whittier.

The site is targeted to become a mixed-use development.

The State has given no specifics surrounding the cancellation, but sources close to the deal indicate the Lewis Group was trying to pressure down the purchase price. A tactic routinely employed by the Lewis Group. The phrase “You should just give it to us” didn’t work this time.

The State just said no.

“No”. A word in the English vocabulary that seems to have escaped the City of Rialto in their dealings with the Lewis Group of Companies. Instead Rialto has let itself be led around by the nose in the effort to redevelop the Rialto Municipal Airport project area known as Renaissance Rialto.

Lewis even has Rialto paying them money. Unbelievable to say the least.

Lewis Companies Executive Vice President Randall Lewis says he’s not sure why the Whittier deal unraveled.

He must be kidding.