Greg Devereaux

The latest departure from San Bernardino County government management ranks makes one thing absolutely clear.

County Administrative Officer (CAO) Greg Devereaux is clearly in charge.

Outgoing Economic Development Department Director Mark Dowling was a very personable and knowledgeable individual who had support on the Board of Supervisors. But allowing a new leader to form their own management team is crucial and exactly the case now.

County Supervisors so far appear to be fine in assuming their proper role. That role being one of a policy making and legislative body. The position of CAO is now one of a true governmental administrator with the proper background and experience to get the job done.

Devereaux wants to pick his own management team and the Board of Supervisors are letting him do just that.

In addition, Devereaux has set out to clarify the line between county supervisors and management. A line, which in San Bernardino County has been blurred for years. In doing so, Devereaux is establishing a real buffer designed to keep the legislative and executive branches of county government in their proper roles. The Administrative Office is reportedly now the direct contact for board members and their staffs on all matters.

A great idea that will create proper checks and balances.

No more Administrators who think they are county supervisors and no more county supervisors who believe they should run day-to-day operations.

A concept that should keep administrators and politicians in less trouble and out of the lime light.

Refreshing to say the least.