The calendar states 2010, but for Republican Assembly candidate Mike Morrell, it is 2004 all over again.

For Morrell’s second consecutive legislative candidacy, he has fallen short of receiving the endorsement of the conservative organization called the California Republican Assembly, despite his aggressive outreach campaign to obtain it.

The endorsement convention of the local California Republican Assembly last weekend delivered a blow to Morrell’s chances of standing as the conservative standard-bearer in the race for the 63rd Assembly District, as Morrell was rejected by the activists he has long courted in support of his State Assembly effort.

The failure of Mike Morrell to receive support from the CRA is startling, given the themes Morrell sounds as a candidate on the trail in both his Assembly bids.

Abortion? Mike’s not just against it, it is abhorrent.

Gay marriage? Nope. Next to abortion, it is the problem that threatens the republic.

God? Mike loves Him. You betcha!

In other words, Mike Morrell posits himself as a conservative’s conservative, a candidate so far to the right he was tailor-made for the God-Guts-and Guns crowd of the CRA.

So what happened?

Well, in 2004, he was out-hustled by fellow conservative Elia Pirozzi, and this year Morrell’s poor organizational methods and his unappealing demeanor attracted few converts.

Of the 15 delegates in attendance, Mike Morrell was the choice of just 6 people.

That’s it. 6 people out of 15 delegates.

What made this result of rebuke even more shocking was the fact that five of those six pro-Morrell delegates were handpicked by Morrell’s campaign.

Again, poor organizational skills are at fault here, as Mike Morrell clearly couldn’t engineer a CRA endorsement among his supposed core support base of right-wing activists, and the Tea Party hoi poloi.

Morrell’s failure to earn a conservative organization’s endorsement while campaigning as the field’s most right-wing candidate speaks volumes about his campaign’s troubles.

Mike Morrell’s second failure has raised an issue: If he can’t garner something as important to him as a conservative group’s organization, this means either he is not the conservative he claims to be, or he is flat out ineffective.

Either way, Morrell’s second CRA endorsement debacle clearly shows he is ill prepared to be an effective conservative legislator. He either isn’t a real conservative, or he is so weak at achieving results on something worth having he can’t manage to obtain it.

The Assembly GOP caucus needs phony conservatives or more ineffective leaders like they need Democrats to draw legislative districts again.

Looks like Mike Morrell Part Deux is little different from the failed maiden voyage.