Things are definitely looking up on the San Bernardino County government front.

New County Administrative Officer Greg Devereaux is rapidly getting a clear picture of county finances and routing out discrepancies. Something everyone is glad to see happen.

Another positive sign coming out of the Government Center is Devereaux apparently scheduled and held meetings with various county administrators, department heads, and managers.

What appeared to be meet and greet scenarios to the individuals involved were actually job interviews. Yes, everyone was interviewing to retain their respective positions.

How refreshing indeed!

Like we’ve been saying here for some time. Expect many departures from county management ranks. A little downsizing may also be in order.

The big question out there is will Devereaux be able to attract quality talent to the county given the present circumstances?

With many more landmines likely to emerge and chatter of an impending major scandal involving the District Attorneys office, the gray clouds over the county will not likely break anytime soon. But positive progress can be achieved.

County supervisors did everyone a great service in their selection of Devereaux. Giving him the latitude to bring change was essential.