Don Kurth

March 29, 2010

Mayor Don Kurth Protects Bible Study;
Pastor Praises Mayor’s Quick Response

“The City of Rancho Cucamonga stands behind the right to religious freedom for all Americans,” declared Mayor Don Kurth. “We are proud that so many churches and bible studies have chosen our city as their home.”

“On behalf of everyone in our congregation, I want to thank Mayor Don Kurth for his strong support of our Bible Study and his quick action to address our concerns. Local residents are blessed to have such an active and responsive leader,” said Bible Study Leader Pastor Puredi Hillary.”

Last week, apparently well-intentioned but perhaps overly zealous code enforcement personnel received a complaint from the neighbor of a Rancho Cucamonga home that hosted a Friday night Bible study. City staff was led to believe that code violations had occurred and began to investigate the complaints. When they were unable to make direct contact with the homes occupants, a letter was issued in an attempt to further clarify the allegations in the neighbor’s complaint.

“Unfortunately, the staff’s miscommunication was blown out of proportion before I was even notified of the issue,” explained Mayor Kurth. “Then the city received a copy of a press release from the Pacific Justice Institute claiming a violation of religious freedom! I quickly contacted Pastor Puredi Hillary and asked if I could personally attend the Bible study to see the situation with my own eyes.”

“I was pleased to find a small group of Christians conducting an orderly, well run Bible study in the home of their Pastor,” said Mayor Kurth. “We sang a few hymns, read Bible passages and discussed their relevance to our daily lives. I saw nothing in violation of any City code.”

“The Rancho Cucamonga City Council warmly embraces communities of faith and we will not condone religious intolerance of any kind in our City,” emphasized the Mayor. “I am thrilled that this misunderstanding has had a happy ending!”