Well just when you thought you’ve seen it all it.

Now we present Second District Supervisor Paul Biane the corruption fighter and reformer?

Nah! It’s election season.

I haven’t quite figured out what precisely has caused this uncharacteristic behavior from Biane, who is serving in his eighth year on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

After all, Biane has always displayed a “taxpayer be damned” attitude in his own conduct, especially when it comes to blowing money.

But, it could be those five challengers to his reelection bid.

Whether it’s his own campaign account or the taxpayer trough, it makes no difference.

The motto is live like a King. Crab legs on ice or caviar, spare no expense.

That’s why I’m sure many of you, like myself, have had to take pause these past few weeks when listening to Biane’s rhetoric.

My God for a moment I thought someone was wearing a Biane mask and making these statements.

Hearing how he started the corruption investigation that has now ensnared himself is interesting. Records show he was desperate to hide the fact of his inv0lvement after throwing Bill Postmus under the bus in August 2007.

But when Biane’s minor roll went public he was forced to own it.

Now we have Biane up in Sacramento pitching for legislation authored by Assemblyman Paul Cook, which would allow for the creation of a second Civil Grand Jury if the Presiding Judge finds it necessary. The idea being there is so much corruption in San Bernardino County we need more help. The pending bill would affect San Bernardino County only.

Besides, what other legislator wants their county connected to anything like this?

The answer is none.

A point was brought up by a member of the District Attorney’s office when the legislation was proposed. That point being, if the county can’t fund the existing Grand Jury full-time, then why create another?

A good point actually.

The true reason? Campaign show and deflection. One thing politicians love to do is be the solution. Unfortunately, the solution path usually involves more laws to reinforce laws already on the books.

What better tactic for Biane to use than morph into an “anti-self”.

Remember the three letters A D D. They stand for “Admit nothing”; “Deny everything”; and “Demand proof”.

Interesting moves for someone like Biane who has steadfastly resisted the formation of a county Ethics Commission and the adoption of Supervisor Neil Derry’s Sunshine Ordinance.