This article is the first in a series of in-depth stories related to the controversy surrounding the settlement of Quiet-Title litigation between the County of San Bernardino Flood Control District, County of San Bernardino, and Colonies Partners, L.P.

So much has been said, so many actions have been taken, and so many misconceptions and misstatements have been made by individuals ranging from attorneys to newspaper reporters.

A conspiracy has been alleged to have started in 2002 that would, if true, ultimately have to involve 7 individuals, two Superior Court Judges, a Retired California Supreme Court Justice, and certain members of the California Court of Appeal.

There has been enough talking and posturing.

Certain individuals unfamiliar with the dispute have requested to be educated.

Now it’s time to examine the dispute and documents first hand.

Starting with Part 2 in this series we will begin to examine documents at the center core of the dispute.

Along with the documents will come the facts related to each.

Documents to be examined include the following.

*The 1939 Flood Control Easement

*The Final Judgement by Peter Norell, Judge of the Superior Court (Ret.)

*The Decision by the California Court of Appeal

*The Statement of Intended Decision issued by Christopher Warner, Judge of the Superior Court

*The Land Appraisal Documents

*The Settlement Agreement

*The Mediator’s Statement by Edward Panelli, Associate Justice of The State Supreme Court (Ret.)

*The Court Transcripts

An index of the settlement documents will be listed on this website’s directory under “Colonies Settlement”.