A claim filed by the former mistress of District Attorney Mike Ramos is once again on the closed session agenda of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors this morning.

Rumors have been circulating that an official request for the production of what is commonly referred to as “back-up material” or “work product” related to the investigation into Ramos’ relationship and treatment of District Attorney employee Cheryl Ristow has been rejected by the law firm hired to do the work.

It is our understanding case law holds that the material is public record.

The law firm of Curiale Hirschfeld Kraemer billed the county $140,000 for work they performed. The investigation was originally tasked at a price of $75,000 but due to the “complex and expanding nature” of the investigation, the cost escalated.

In particluar, what is being requested is the interview notes used to prepare the approximately 200-page investigative report.

It has been widely speculated by county insiders that there is a divergence between the completed report and interview notes.

InlandPolitics has learned the outside attorneys informed all five county supervisors that Ramos was untruthful during the investigation.

Ristow, who Ramos has labeled a liar, has retained legal counsel and undoubtedly will file litigation against the District Attorney and the County.

County supervisors should do the right thing here. If that means filing a legal action against the law firm to obtain the documents or to recover the monies paid, then so be it.

An absolutely outrageous possibility to say the least.

The public deserves to know what really happened, especially on matters which may impact Ramos’ credibility.