Allegations of improper contributions tied to votes in the case filed by San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos and Attorney General Edmund “Jerry” Brown will likely take many twists and turns during the evidentiary, discovery and trial phases.

One defense aspect undoubtedly will be to bring in other examples of local legislative votes and the timing of campaign contributions by the related benefactors of those votes.

One of possibly many such projects likely to be front and center is the “Renaissance Rialto” redevelopment project and contributions by developers to members of the Rialto City Council.

“Renaissance Rialto” is the name of the redevelopment project for Rialto Airport.

While any conduct surrounding “Renaissance Rialto” is not alleged to have been improper, the comparison may raise questions with a jury in open court.

The redevelopment project has been extensively written about at Those stories are archived on this site.