In an interview the the Sun / Daily Bulletin newspapers, District Attorney Michael Ramos didn’t mince words.

Ramos’ statement in an article published this morning in both publications was clear and unambiguous.

It’s becoming ever so increasingly clear Ramos has become dangerous, and last week Attorney General Edmund “Jerry” Brown did nothing more than empower an already jaded man.

If he only knew.

During an interview regarding his re-election bid, when asked about potential challengers Ramos told reporter James Rufus Koren, “If these people wanted to take me out, it would be for political reasons only,” Ramos said. “And we would watch where every dime (of campaign spending) came from.”

Potential challenger to Ramos, retired San Bernardino County District Attorney Dennis Stout, who hasn’t made a final decision on whether he will run said in the story, “It sounds like, `I’ll criminally prosecute anyone who gives money to you.”‘

The situation doesn’t appear to be out of control. It is out of control.

You decide.