Remember John Hueston?

Hueston is the “special counsel” who brought a civil action against Republican Party official and former San Bernardino County Assessor Bill Postmus and several of Postmus’ former aides and advisors.

His civil lawsuit against Postmus was heralded by the anti-Postmus crowd and unquestioned by the local media.

Maybe it’s time for the media – and more importantly, the board of supervisors – to start asking pertinent questions

John Hueston, who is a Democratic Party luminary, apparently has billed an estimated $700K from county taxpayers in compiling a 33-page “report” skewering many rising Republican Party officials and staff in San Bernardino County and California – and even throughout the Unites States. Hueston’s “report” spared no Republican – Bill Postmus, and nearly all GOP county supervisors, were slimed by his lackluster research, which relied on third-hand rumors, gossip, speculation, and wild conclusions drawn by supposed super lawyer John Hueston.

Hueston’s “report,” nonetheless, had the air of authenticity. As Hueston carried the prominence of his involvement in the successful – (yet questionable) – government prosecution of figures in the Enron Corporation’s collapse.

Now, after evidently fleecing San Bernardino County taxpayers for well over a half-million dollars to uncover such heinous alleged crimes, such as political discussions in an office headed by a politician, troubling aspects of Hueston’s current career have come to light.

Hueston is now representing Angelo Mozilo against the serious fraud charges filed against him by the federal Securities and Exchange Commission. For those unfamiliar with Mozilo, here is his background:

Perhaps more than any individual, Angelo Mozilo has come to symbolize, and bear the blame, for the national sub-prime mortgage crisis that nearly sank the financial system of the United States (possibly jeopardizing the country itself). Mozilo was CEO of now-defunct Countrywide Home Loans. As CEO, media reports document how Mozilo improperly used company money to support a lavish lifestyle by playing fast and loose with accounting and financial bookkeeping.

Mozilo’s stewardship of Countrywide was apparently so riddled with fraud, theft and insider trading that CNN described Mozilo as “One of the Ten Most Wanted Culprits of the 2008 American Financial Collapse.”

So what does “corruption-buster” John Hueston do? Hueston joins the legal defense team for Angelo Mozilo, one of the ten most corrupt corporate individuals who helped destroy the financial stability of the United States, and cost the taxpayers billions of dollars to repair.

So, we now see that John Hueston goes where the money grows. In San Bernardino County, he had a dual motivation: destroying prominent GOP’ers while raking in buckets full of cash.

Let’s see – a politician and political aides allegedly discussing – of all things – politics, versus a low-life like Angelo Mozilo who engaged in financial fraud and illegal behavior to support a life of luxury that nearly brought down the greatest nation on Earth.

Hueston is not a real corruption buster. He is an attorney for hire. A lawyer who will defend the “lowest of the low” if the price is right. A sleezy, bank account-chasing barrister who is using his Enron fame to help accused corporate criminals of today evade justice and responsibility. (It’s very common for former prosecutors to trade on their days as crime fighters to chase the lucre of wealthy defendants in later careers as defense attorneys – exactly what Hueston is doing now).

John Hueston incorrectly presented himself as a corruption fighter during his interview with County Counsel when seeking the anti-Postmus contract. In actuality, he is now primarily a defense attorney who has chosen to work to get accused corporate criminals their freedom.

It’s time for county supervisors to demand that criminal defense attorney John Hueston repay county taxpayers for his sloppily-written “report” that costs taxpayers far too much for far too little.

Let this slick hustlin’ limo-chasing lawyer trade on his ostensible Enron fame by raking in dough from wealthy accused criminal defendants – and NOT the hard-working taxpayers of San Bernardino County.

The next time you drive through neighborhoods of foreclosed houses, you can thank John Hueston for defending one of the worst offenders accused of bringing this housing and financial crisis to San Bernardino County.

Thanks John.

The board of supes needs to make John Hueston give back the money. Let him earn his millions defending corporate scoundrels like Angelo Mozilo.