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Several months ago a story exposing substantial political contributions to District Attorney Michael Ramos by two attorneys who control the San Bernardino County criminal defense conflict panel was published at

Now, more revelations are coming forward that may give a plausible explanation for $73,000 in political contributions given to Ramos from 01/01/2004 through 06/30/2009.

Sources who have had business dealings with the conflict panel tell of financial difficulties within the group plagued by late payments to employees and contractors. The issues have resulted in threats of going to state labor officials. It is being asserted that the funds from county conflict assignments now subsidize the private practice operations of the law firms involved.

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The summary of conclusions from a high dollar sexual harassment investigation about Mike Ramos makes one point that was overlooked by the main stream media. It confirmed that Ramos did in fact have an affair of long duration with one of his subordinates. Although, Ramos has repeatedly denied that any such affair took place, the investigation has proved otherwise.

This affair is one of over a dozen that were revealed in an Article published in the Sentinel Newspaper and subsequently augmented by others in blog postings. To date not a single allegation has been unfounded. Assuming that the numerous affairs are true, then what can you conclude about the District Attorney of San Bernardino County? Is he a sex addict? It would certainly appear so. It would also appear that he is not only a serial adulterer but a serial liar as well.

Let’s examine the issues.

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Home sales plunge nearly 17 percent in December after tax credit deadline extended

Alan Zibel, AP Real Estate Writer, On Monday January 25, 2010, 10:40 am EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sales of previously occupied homes took the largest monthly drop in more than 40 years last month, sinking more dramatically than expected after lawmakers gave buyers additional time to use a tax credit.

The report reflects a sharp drop in demand after buyers stopped scrambling to qualify for a tax credit of up to $8,000 for first-time homeowners. It had been due to expire on Nov. 30. But Congress extended the deadline until April 30 and expanded it with a new $6,500 credit for existing homeowners who move.

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LATimes: Impatient voters want changes now

Legislative leaders know they have to act, but they can’t agree on what to do.


By George Skelton Capitol Journal

January 25, 2010

From Sacramento

Legislators — the leaders, anyway — know they must change the way they operate. The sooner the better. But they still can’t agree on exactly how.

The problems are clear: Bleeding, gimmicky budgets that lead to more deficit spending. Incessantly late budgets that cripple the state’s credit. Lack of prioritizing or long-range planning. Trivial pursuits. Petty partisanship.

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His proposals to privatize prisons, curtail teachers’ seniority protections and reduce the number of in-home care workers would be major blows to powerful labor interests. They’re girding for a fight.

By Shane Goldmacher

January 25, 2010

Reporting from Sacramento – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has put organized labor squarely in his cross-hairs in 2010, opening a fight that will largely determine the shape of his final year in office.

Schwarzenegger’s proposals would cut the size of the union workforce, reduce pay, shrink future pensions and roll back job protections won through collective bargaining.

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Michael J. Sorba, Staff Writer
Posted: 01/24/2010 08:29:55 PM PST

COLTON – With four of the seven seats on the City Council up for grabs, the Nov. 2 election could change the face of city leadership.

Mayor Kelly Chastain and council members Richard DeLaRosa, Susan Oliva and David Toro are all up for re-election.

With the past 12 months being some of the most tumultuous in recent memory, some say challengers will have a good shot at defeating incumbents.

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11:22 PM PST on Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sacramento Bureau

Job-approval ratings for the governor and Legislature continue to hover near record lows as voters see no end in sight to the state’s economic woes, a new poll shows.

Only 27 percent of registered voters approve of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s job performance and nearly two-thirds disapprove, according to a Field Poll released today. Those numbers are virtually unchanged from October.

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On Monday January 25, 2010, 9:47 am EST

By Nicole Maestri

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Sam’s Club, the warehouse club division of Wal-Mart Stores Inc is cutting roughly 11,200 jobs, or about 10 percent of its workforce, as it outsources in-store product demonstrations and eliminates positions used to recruit new business members.

Sam’s Club Chief Executive Officer Brian Cornell said on Sunday that the retailer would outline charges associated with the job cuts in February, when it releases fourth-quarter results. He said he did not expect any “material impact” on its financial results.

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LATimes Opinion: Independents are calling the electoral shots

Most of these voters want bipartisanship and centrism, not populism. Will Obama and fellow Democrats listen?

By Doyle McManus

January 24, 2010

Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008 by assembling a broad coalition of Democrats and independents, but since the summer, independents have been deserting Obama’s cause, and not only in Massachusetts.

That’s what has White House strategists and Democrats in Congress most worried about this fall’s elections: Independents, the country’s most fickle voters, are in the driver’s seat. They’re unhappy about the economy, worried about the potential costs of the Democrats’ healthcare bills and disappointed that Obama’s promises of bipartisanship didn’t come true.

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RivPE: Norco City Council makes two major decisions

10:00 PM PST on Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Press-Enterprise

Norco city officials have gained momentum on two significant issues that have drawn strong words from residents.

The City Council voted last week to begin negotiating the purchase of 429 acres of property on Hillside Avenue, land that was contaminated by the former Wyle Laboratories.

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