The Uffer legacy continues

Sources on the Fifth Floor of the County Government Center report that those closest to deposed leader Mark Uffer are crying “Woe is me”. Seems that acting County Administrative Officer (CAO) Dean Arabatzsis and Public Information Officr (PIO) David Wert have been crawling the halls of the fifth floor pleading that “I really need my job”

Is this funny or what?

Yup, the same David Wert who was reportedly running up and down the halls shouting “We’ve got two votes” in order to save Mark Uffer from being terminated is now begging to be considered just a regular Joe doing his job. Mind you, this is the same David Wert who everyone has considered nothing more than Uffer’s bagman, consort, and vacationing confidant, always spinning to make Uffer look good even when everyone else knew the contrary was the actual truth. The same Wert who Uffer raised his salary three times…to the point he’s paid as much as a chief of staff…and he supervises ONE person.

Where can I get such a lucrative deal? Oh, that’s right; I’m not a personal friend of Mark Uffer!

Yes, Wert the politician did everything in his power to divert, confuse and manipulate all at Uffer’s urging…all to further the agenda of the worst CAO in the county’s history…is now pretending to be just a regular member of the professional staff! He must think the Board of Supervisors (and the rest of us) are complete idiots. David, you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. You hitched your star to Uffer, now man up and take the consequences.

Look at the bright side: you were vastly overpaid for years! Hopefully you socked away some dough.

And then there is numbers whiz and county finance guru Dean Arabatzis. This is the guy that repeatedly miscalculated county finances over the years. A guy that was basically run out of Human Services because he was perceived as a mean-spirited, small minded dictator, unfit to manage anything. Basically, a perfect pick for Mark Uffer to screw things up for the ENTIRE county operation!

And this guy wants to stay employed here? You must be kidding. Dean, do you really think all the people you have jammed have this short a memory?

Get real!

The Board has no more need for you than they do for another Uffer. Your days are numbered; no amount of begging or pleading is going to save you.

You are as it is commonly phrased “history”. If you are not out job hunting then you just don’t see the hand-writing on the wall.

And finally we have the Begger-IN-Chief, County Counsel Ruth “ The Never-Ending Vacation-Accrual Plan” Stringer. This pathetic excuse of an employee is single-handedly responsible for millions of dollars in legal judgments and outside legal fees due to her bad legal advice. A more incompetent county counsel the county has yet to see.

Seems Ms Stringer has been trying to convince the Board members that she actually does a good job! Can you believe it?

What gall.

The BOS should have fired Stringer at the same time they freed the county of Uffer. By not acting at the time you gave Stringer the false idea that she could actually save her job.

Do you really want to continue suffering from incompetent legal advice? The Board needs to do what they already know needs to be done. Get a competent, well-respected counsel that has some actual courtroom experience. DUH. Not exactly rocket science is it?

In the end the Stringer’s severence package is worth the long term savings.

The sooner the BOS gets rid of these three Ufferites…Wert, Arabatzis and Stringer…the sooner the Board will turn the corner on a new day.

The Board is clearly dedicated to turning the county around. Let’s see some continued action!