December 23rd, 2009, 4:39 pm
Posted by Martin Wisckol, Politics reporter

The Orange County-based effort to recall Assemblyman Anthony Adams, R-Hesperia, has been abandoned as proponents have decided not to sue to put the recall on the ballot.

The group sought to recall their fellow Republican because he was one of six GOP legislators who helped approve a budget this year that included temporary sales tax and vehicle license fee hikes. A total of 35,825 valid signatures were needed to qualify the recall. A sample of the 58,384 signatures submitted projected that only 24,579 would be valid.

Proponents reviewed the sample and say that they found enough erroneously invalidated signatures to qualify the measure for the ballot. Elections officials stood by their tallies though, and proponents have chosen not to sue to get the recall on the ballot since a successful lawsuit would put the measure on the June ballot. Adams is up for reelection and will be on the June primary budget already.

Proponents were hoping to have Adams out of office earlier in the year, so that he would not be able to vote on additional budgets.

“Because we already have an election in June, it becomes a pointless waste of taxpayer money,” said Corona del Mar attorney Mike Schroeder, who was helping lead the effort.

Adams district straddles Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, and the assemblyman criticized Schroeder and fellow Corona del Mar activist Lee Lowery for meddling in politics outside their own county.