10:00 PM PST on Friday, December 18, 2009

The Press-Enterprise

The Lake Elsinore City Council will consider a proposal Tuesday to establish a 45-day moratorium on legal marijuana-growing activities in the city so it can determine how the operations can be regulated.

The proposal is in response to a request for a business license and phone inquiries to the city about establishing operations to grow, dry, farm, package, process and distribute medical marijuana on a wholesale level, according to the staff report.

Lake Elsinore’s municipal code and general plan do not include discussions on marijuana manufacturing activities, how they are regulated or where they can be located.

The city also prohibits medical marijuana dispensaries but allows for the possession, use and cultivation of medical marijuana in accordance with state law, which lets those in need obtain and use it under some circumstances, according to a staff report.

The proposal that will come before the council directs city staff to begin studying how to regulate marijuana-growing activities and to return to the council with more information, though no date was specified.

A moratorium would prevent such activities from being legally established while city officials study how it may go about regulating them, according to the staff report.

Robert Riedel, co-founder of Mother Earth’s Alternative Healing Cooperative in Fallbrook, confirmed that he applied for a business license to operate a marijuana-growing facility in an industrial area near Skylark Airport.

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