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SacBee: Sacramento judge throws out lobbyists’ campaign financing lawsuit

By Andy Furillo
Published: Friday, Dec. 18, 2009 – 12:00 am | Page 4A

A lobbyist group’s lawsuit to kill a ballot measure that wants the influence industry to pay for an experiment in public campaign financing has been kicked out of Sacramento Superior Court.

Judge Michael P. Kenny, in a ruling last month, said the Institute of Governmental Advocates and other plaintiffs can’t pursue the action until and unless voters approve the measure.

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RivPE OpEd: Probe CalPERS’ investment choices


08:41 PM PST on Tuesday, December 15, 2009


For many years the California Public Employees Retirement System, known as CalPERS, had a gilt-edged, well-managed portfolio with a steadily increasing return based on conservative investment principles.

CalPERS had a fine reputation with confidence in its management. Nearly 2 million retired or active government workers shared that confidence and felt their retirement funds would be there for them. In recent years, that confidence has been severely shaken.

In the recent near-depression, net assets in the retirement fund fell from a peak of $260 billion in late 2008 to slightly less than $180 billion at the beginning of this year, a drop of almost 30 percent.

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Re: “This ‘n that” (Our Opinion, Daily Press, Dec. 15).

The Board of Supervisors has no control over the salaries of board members. Salaries for members of the Board of Supervisors have been set by voter-approved ballot measures — Measure P in 2006, and Measure K in 1986. This salary level was recently reduced due to a reduction in the average salaries of county supervisors derived from a formula established by Measure P.

It is also important to note that I voted against the proposal to increase medical and other benefits for county supervisors when they were first proposed and implemented, and I voted to repeal them when they were later reconsidered and rescinded.

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SBSun Editorial: Plan holds promise for SB

San Bernardino Seal

Posted: 12/17/2009 06:56:03 PM PST

Plans to redevelop Carousel Mall into a government center with shops and offices offer more hope for San Bernardino’s struggling downtown than we’ve seen in a while.

Clearly, change is needed downtown, which suffers from a dearth of entertainment venues and empty storefronts. Just as clear is the need for change at Carousel Mall, the decades-old shopping center that occupies a prime piece of downtown real estate east of the 215 Freeway. The mall is not the moneymaker it was in the 1970s, and today costs the city of San Bernardino more than it can give in return.

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