Created: 12/16/2009 04:08:20 PM PST

As Los Angeles County seeks to replace a voting system that has been subject to sharp criticism from state officials, the Board of Supervisors voted this week to terminate a contract with one of the system’s main vendors.

The supervisors ended the contract with Premier Election Solutions Inc., formerly Diebold Election Systems, that would have provided the county with electronic voting equipment and a new central vote tabulation system.

The decision on Tuesday to terminate the contract follows the Secretary of State’s Office’s top-to-bottom review of the state’s voting systems.

The review imposed several changes on the use of electronic voting machines, making it impractical and cost prohibitive for the county to continue the use of electronic voting machines, Registrar-Recorder Dean Logan wrote in a memo to the board.

The supervisors also voted to amend a contract with Election Systems & Software. When the contract was negotiated in 2006, the county intended to use the InkaVote Plus system to transmit precinct results wirelessly to a central server, so that overall results could be ready within an hour of the polls closing, Logan said.

However, state legislation that was later passed prohibited electronic and wireless communication of election data from a polling place to the central vote-counting system, Logan wrote.

“This gives us a clean slate to move forward with our current voter systems assessment project,” Logan said.

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