It’s time to get out the toy blocks. You know. Those one’s with the big color letters.

News off the San Bernardino County Government Center never ceases. Even during the holidays.

Extensively covered on this blog for the past few months is the lack of trust the Board of Supervisors has with their senior in-house legal counsel Ruth Stringer. It has been revealed here about the Board of Supervisors desire to make a change in the position for a myriad of reasons we won’t rehash again. The position of county counsel is an at-will board appointment.

Sounds simple? You would think.

Not so with Stringer. Now it’s down to begging. Trying to convince county supervisors she should be retained in her current capacity. Amazing!

Even former County Counsel Ron Reitz, a predecessor to Stringer, could see the writing on the wall. When the idea of outsourcing the bulk of the county counsel function was brought forward at a budget workshop in 2006, Reitz walked out of the meeting and resigned.

If county supervisors didn’t want him, Reitz wasn’t going to stay.

Enough already…..