Over the last few days we have been treated to two editorials from the local newspapers. Both pieces were in response to the firing of former San Bernardino County Administrative Office Mark Uffer by the Board of Supervisors.

The Sun newspaper column is titled “How new will direction be?” and in the Press Enterprise it’s “Why the ouster?

After reading these two gems I wanted to propose disbanding all governmental bodies across the nation and replace them with editorial boards. Not really, but the thought crossed my mind for a fraction of a second.

The word that did come to mind was “arrogance”. The arm-chair quarterback mentality prevails.

I have written about the “know it all” approach the local newspapers have adopted over time, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. In my opinion it’s speeding up their demise.

The two aforementioned columns are a prime example.

In regards to filling the now vacant position of County Administrative officer the Sun makes the statement that any governmental executive who knows any county supervisor need not apply, and actually has the crust to name experienced local city managers and infer they are cronies. After all, when all else fails disparage others. Right?

Not surprisingly, the Sun further goes on to criticize county supervisors for spending $140,000 for a contract to investigate allegations of misconduct leveled at District Attorney Mike Ramos. The Sun has steadfastly covered for the embattled Ramos by refusing to publish evidence of misconduct under the guise of lack of “newsworthiness” and “balance”.

Then we have the Riverside Press Enterprise, who calls on county supes to articulate reasons why Uffer was dismissed.

Rather than give a multitude of reasons for Uffer’s release, county supervisors chose a “not for cause” action. In other words no harm no fowl. Which is better for all involved and avoids possible litigation, which Uffer threatened after being canned.

A blind man could see the county is having managerial difficulties, but not the Press Enterprise.

I’m sure that after being let go Uffer went crying to the papers pleading his case, and thus was the cause for the “Poor Mark” stories.

It really would be interesting to see if Uffer really would like the Board of Supervisors to put pen to paper and make a list.

I doubt it.

The newspapers just don’t seem to get it. People want objective reporting of the news. Just the facts. Not spin. We can form our own opinions.

Also, people dislike being told what to do and how to think. Look at what has become of CNN. A once prominent cable outlet relegated to the viewer basement.

The Sun , which is part of the Los Angeles News Group, is on fiscal “Life Support”.

The Press Enterprise, owned by Belo Corp., is on the verge of becoming exclusively Riverside County once again, reducing it’s staff to the point where it can barely cover from San Bernardino to Yucaipa, east of the I-215 freeway.