The ink wasn’t even dry on the this evenings earlier commentary, when hot out of the Riverside Press Enterprise editorial board comes another gem titled Enough evasion.

Last time I heard, the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights just might lead one to believe that citizens of this great country were entitled to due process under the law and the right to be judged by a jury of their peers.

Not the editorial board of a local newspaper.

I could be mistaken though, since newspapers seem to know everything about everyone and every subject.

The Press Enterprise, which is known for its cutting editorial titles such as “John Smith needs to go”, “Time for Arnold Ziffle to resign”, or “Fire Huckleberry now” couldn’t resist this one.

I expected to see a column like this yesterday, on a day when the paper has it’s highest readership.

Unless something has happened without me being present, Friday was the first substantive proceeding in “my case”. With obviously more to come.

The editorial board of this local paper says don’t appeal the denial of a motion to recuse. Amazing! I never knew these newspaper folks had law degrees.

During my time in politics I’ve never been a doll of the newspapers, especially the Press Enterprise. The paper knows it and the editorial shows it. Heck, if the paper had its way the four indicted members of the San Jacinto City Council would have been executed by lethal injection last week. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending the indicted council members.

I guess a dying publication has to try and delay the inevitable as best it can.

A little tip. It’s not working.

Maybe instead of the name of the paper being The Press Enterprise, the name should be changed to The Riverside Oracle.

After all, when things don’t go the way the paper believes they should, we are subjected to phrases like, miscarriage of justice, idiot jurors, technicalities, and bad law.

The papers display of pompous arrogance is unbecoming any newspaper.