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iePolitics: Honesty and Integrity

Anti Corruption Unit
November 14, 2009

Looking at the recent information that has come to light involving our District Attorney, it is rather clear, the evidence is in, he has been less than honest regarding his affairs and his own Fair Political Practices Commission issues.

It is now hard to argue that all of Ramos’s rhetoric about the rumors and allegations of his conduct being baseless tabloid rumors, were in fact nothing but lies.

Call it a little lie, or a big one, it is still a lie. Ramos did not lie to one of his subordinates, or someone in the privacy of his office, he did so in the press more than once.

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The state’s nonpartisan campaign watchdog is investigating San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos for failing to report a $10,000 campaign payment to his wife in 2008.

“We will investigate the allegation,” said Roman Porter, spokesman of the Fair Political Practices Commission, which has the ability to fine officials up to $5,000 per reporting violation.

Last week Ramos filed an amended Form 700 income disclosure document covering 2008, nine months after he filed the original form on Feb. 9. He added a $10,000 payment for the position of “campaign administrative assistant.”

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The simply answer is “Yes.” Mike is right. There is a very big difference between the violations charged against Mike Ramos and those against Jim Erwin.

Jim Erwin committed no crime. His original filing was the lawful and correct filing. His amended filing, which was done at the urging of Mike Ramos through Dave Ellis, was the incorrect way to report the watch and trip from Jeff Burum.

Jim was given the Rolex and trip as a “thank you” from Jeff for Jim’s help in negotiating the Colonies settlement. The $15,000 plus or minus value of the gift was far less than the value of the services Jim provided. Remember, Jim Brulte had a success fee arrangement with Colonies, where if a settlement was obtained through his efforts he would receive $250,000 for his services, and he was less involved than Jim. The arrangement expired a year earlier to the final settlement.

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