The phrase “Walk softly and carry a big stick” means something in politics and also when your Lewis Pacific Partners, and their affiliated entities.

Playing in the world of politics and staying off the radar screen is hard to do these days, especially with all of the electronic disclosure / reporting mechanisms and such. The Lewis Group appears to have quietly climbed the donor ladder, doling out varying sums across the state. Beneficiaries of their generosity range from California League of Cities PAC to state, county, and city officials, where the companies do business.

For the thirty months ending July 31, 2009, Lewis Pacific to my surprise contributed a cool $833,815.93 to its various interests. The bulk of which is centered in the Inland Empire.

The groups affiliates include, Lewis Investment Company, LLC, Lewis Operating Companies, and Lewis-Hillwood Rialto Company, LLC.

Lewis Pacific is one of only a handful of entities with the resources to play in this “sandbox”.

Coming soon: A closer look!