Friday, February 21, 2020 – 03:00 p.m.

A San Bernardino County Superior Judge currently under an election challenge has made a shocking if not politically-stupid admission.

Judge Stanford Reichert told the San Bernardino Rotary Club on Feb. 4, 2020 that he supports Senate Bill 889, which would require criminal offenders – even violent gang criminals – under the age of 21 to be tried within the juvenile justice system.

Reichert said “My philosophy is people should be a little older,” and that the age should be put back to age 21.”

Reichert wants 19 and 20-year old murderers sent to Juvenile Court instead of Prison!

Just last week, Reichert was one of two guest speakers at “Rethink Public Safety”, hosted by an organization whose own purposes include: “Increase opportunities for re-sentencing and reclassification through Proposition 47”, the soft-on-crime law that has caused a huge increase in property crimes.

The “rethink” group takes the ridiculous position of arguing that District Attorneys should not be able to prosecute crimes such as graffiti vandalism—the kind that effect our quality of life! And yet Reichert is shown below, presiding over the meeting of this group and telling them that he is their judge.

Reichert is being challenged by Deputy District Attorney David Tulcan, a veteran San Bernardino County prosecutor.

It’s time that San Bernardino County tell this criminal-friendly judge that his anti-public safety positions are not wanted. Vote NO on Reichert!