Joseph Turner
Thursday, April 5, 2018 – 5:09 PM

Today the Desert Sun published a story about President Donald Trump’s efforts to prohibit transgender individuals from serving in the military.

Assemblyman Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley), the son of a pastor who once touted his conservative political philosophy when he first ran for office and before he was caught cheating on his wife, has come out and opposed the president.

Yucca Valley’s Assemblymember Chad Mayes said, because he serves in Sacramento and not Washington, he doesn’t know enough to comment on the specific proposal. But he did provide what he called a “blanket statement.”

“Discrimination in any form is morally wrong,” Mayes said. “All people—if you are transgender, if you have the mental and physical capacity to serve—you should be able to serve.”

For Mayes, discrimination in any form is “morally wrong.” I guess that is why Mayes once called serial child rapist Harvey Milk a hero. And I suppose that any day now, Mayes will offer up a bill that would prohibit insurance companies from discriminating against young men with higher insurance premiums.

Maybe, when my son is old enough to drive I can have him self-identify as a woman to save a few bucks. I mean…that is completely justifiable since “discrimination in any form is morally wrong.”