Joe Turner
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 – 4:13 p.m.

Last year I broke the story over at American Children First that Assemblyman Chad Mayes, a married man and the son of a pastor, was having an affair with Kristin Olsen, then the Vice-Chairwoman of the California Republican Party.

You can read all about it here so I will refrain from rehashing the matter on this blog. The short version is that I led a grassroots effort to oust him from his leadership position after he voted for cap and trade and forced her to resign from the CRP executive board.

Good times!

Well, you would think that Mayes would at least know how to spell the name of the woman he is sleeping with — but, apparently not.

Today, Mayes officially launched his new organization called “New Way California.” The two keynote speakers were Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Kasich. But those weren’t the only names on the agenda. In addition to several other cap and traitors, Olsen was…ahem…tapped…to serve as a moderator.

However, her name is misspelled. How does that happen?

New Way Republican Agenda

Actually…that is a question that could be asked about a lot of things related to Mayes and New Way California.

Take Arnold for example. He travels the world in private fossil fuel burning luxury jets and lectures the rest of us about the importance of climate change. This is coming from the dude that commuted back and forth daily between Sacramento and his Southern California mansion in his jet — presumably so he could shtup his maid.

How does this guy become a leader on climate change?

What about Mayes leading this group of RINOs? We have him on audio being asked if he believes in climate change. His answer that he wasn’t sure if he believed in climate change.

Yet, New Way California emphatically states that climate change is real.

How does that happen?

The whole thing is a farce of cosmic proportions.