Joe Turner
Thursday, March 8, 2018 – 11:07 p.m.

Earlier tonight I exposed AD-42 candidate Gary Jeandron’s campaign manager for the incompetent albatross that he is — highlighting how he did not even know his own candidate’s history of being elected to the Palm Springs Unified School District.

Well, the Jeandron camp has been reeling ever since the Redlands Tea Party Patriots (RTPP) opted to endorse San Jacinto Councilman Andrew Kotyuk to replace “Cap and Traitor” Chad Mayes. Jeandron lambasted the group as a collection of “fringe” activists in a Press Enterprise column.

It gets even worse. Jeandron’s aforementioned campaign manager, Michael Santa Cruz, had an epic meltdown all across the Facebook social media platform.

In several posts he excoriated the RTPP leadership accusing its leaders of being “frauds and cheats.” He also made the accusation that he witnessed one of the group’s leaders stuffing the ballot box in favor of Andrew Kotyuk.

The shocking screenshots were captured and can be viewed below. The first two are from his personal profile. The first one can be viewed below and at this link:

You can find the next one below at this link:

In the above screenshot Santa Cruz suggests that Kotyuk does not have any support in the district despite the fact that the lion share of his six-figure plus campaign account is from district donors. Jeandron is so well-liked and supported in his district according to Santa Cruz that he only has $10,000 cash on hand.

Santa Cruz then goes totally off the deep end accusing the Redlands Tea Party of being led by “frauds and cheats” over at the Riverside County GOP page:

The crazy rantings of this so-called campaign manager are so inappropriate that it is campaign malpractice. If Jeandron has any honor and integrity he will fire Santa Cruz and replace him with somebody who is a professional.

Of course, I think Santa Cruz is so incompetent and ill-equipped to do his job that the last thing I want is for Jeandron to get rid of him.

However, if Jeandron is going to keep him on board, he might want to insist that his campaign manager watch this brief video: