San Bernardino District Attorney Mike Ramos.

DeFazio said the business he ran prior to his arrest, Artisan Real Estate, went belly up.

“They made a lot of calls to my clients and told them I was a very bad person,” DeFazio said of district attorney investigators.

By Jim Erwin,
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 – 01:00 a.m.

It’s well known that San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos has always had aspirations for higher office.

First, his goal was to replace republican Jerry Lewis, when he retired from Congress. But Lewis wouldn’t endorse Ramos to replace him. Then Ramos wanted to be California Attorney General, replacing Kamala Harris. But Governor Jerry Brown, already duped by Ramos’ portrayal of the Colonies Case,  evidently would have no part of that idea. Brown instead appointed Congressman Xavier Beccerra.

Recently, even though he was woefully unqualified, Ramos applied to be the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California. But that job went to newly-appointed Nick Hanna.

The problem here is that Ramos is willing to use his power and podium to target people for professional and political gain in order to achieve his goal. Even if they’re innocent.

Thank god he didn’t succeed.

As one of the men targeted and tormented by Ramos and his henchmen I find the latest debacle the most outrageous and appalling to date. Even more so than my own, or that of any of the other three defendants in the Colonies Corruption case debacle.

In 2010, some eight years ago, High-Desert developer and real estate broker John “Dino” Defazio was charged with two counts of perjury related to his testimony before the 2009 county civil grand jury related to the fabricated Colonies Investigation. A year later, after Defazio filed a claim against the county for false arrest, Ramos added four more perjury charges. It was an I’ll teach you a lesson moment to show Defazio just who was in-charge.

But two things happened.

First, Defazio was innocent.

Second, he didn’t blink.

Holding his ground and proclaiming his innocence from the beginning, telling everyone who would listen that he didn’t lie.

Shortly after his arrest in 2010, his wife, who was five months pregnant at the time and under tremendous stress from her husbands charges and arrest, went into labor. Two twins were delivered, a son and a daughter. The daughter suffered no significant medical issues. But Defazio’s son, on the other hand, had issues with the retina in each of his eyes, and severe gastrointestinal complications. It was bad. The boy stayed in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for months.

Defazio was continuously driving out to Orange County daily in order to be with his son, while at the same time trying to earn a living.

The boy is legally blind and will never drive an automobile. Defazio says his son needs magnifying lenses to read.

It’s a needless tragic consequence of a corrupt act by a flawed prosecutor.

Now let’s throw on top of all this the fact that Ramos actually had his investigators acting in a concerted effort to ruin Defazio’s business and destroy him financially.

Yes. Investigators from the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office were calling up anyone that they knew was doing business with Defazio, or that had contributed to his legally-formed political action committee, and telling them that he (Defazio) was a bad guy, and in essence, don’t do business with the man.

They even had flags placed on his business bank accounts so they could monitor who was paying him money.

It worked. Defazio’s businesses, Artisan Real Estate and Artisan Builders went under.

It was over-the-top government out-of-control.

Ramos was abusing his power and no one, and I mean no one, was willing to stop him. County Supervisors, two different sheriff’s and others, just sat on their hands and quietly observed. Ramos had for years been successfully snowing Attorney General’s Jerry Brown and his successor Kamala Harris. Each of whom were experts at political grandstanding in their own right.

Of late, Ramos has spent most of his time on political grandstanding, especially whenever there’s a crisis that he can exploit. Otherwise it’s been quiet. After all, election season is approaching.

Ramos’ abuse of his office has likely encumbered the county with hundreds of millions in potential liability. Yet he arrogantly believes he has served taxpayers and the public well.

The voters should show Ramos the door in the event he can’t find it on his own.