Thursday, January 25, 2016 – 02:30 p.m.

A so-called key witness in the long-running and ill-fated Colonies Corruption Trial, surrendered to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputies on Wednesday morning to commence serving a purported 180-day jail term.

Former Assistant Assessor Adam Aleman, 35, who had trouble telling the truth in the nearly nine months-long trial in 2017, was handed a slap on the hand in exchange for going along with a fabricated prosecution narrative.

Aleman was repeatedly caught lying under oath while on the witness stand, which contributed to the case falling apart under cross-examination.

But no one, other than the jurors and the defense team, seemed to notice.

Aleman’s case stems from his defrauding taxpayers by running a political operation out of the county Assessor’ Office.

Even though Aleman was ordered to serve his sentence as straight time, he’ll likely serve upwards of one to two months, if that, due to overcrowding.