Thursday, January 18, 2018 – 10:00 a.m.

Things could go just a little bit better for San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis.

Davis, who’s actually running for reelection this year, has a fundraiser planned for some date in the future.

Invites started landing in mailboxes last week, but something was missing!

Anyone wanting to attend might need to know the date of the event.

Yes. The date was missing off the invite.

Someone must have realized the screw-up, and if the invitee wasn’t paying attention, they might miss the date being added to the outside of the envelope.

Political fundraising is kind of mundane. But this is a laugh-out-loud moment.

Davis is going to have a hard enough time raising dough, not to mention getting a second term, and this stunt doesn’t help.

Councilman John Valdivia, who is also running for Davis’ job, already has amassed $200,000 for his run.