By Jeff Horseman
Posted: 03/14/17 –  4:30 PM PDT

Ed O’Brien, a former prosecutor turned public defender also announced Tuesday he will run for DA.

In his announcement, O’Brien said he started his dream job as a prosecutor in San Bernardino County, only to become “disheartened by the culture” and switch to the public defender’s office in 2000.

“I have enjoyed my work ever since, but it’s often painful to witness the failed, destructive policy of mass incarceration for the nonviolent offender,” O’Brien said.

“I am fed up with going to the jail only to meet another young woman or man with addiction and/or mental illness who loitered, stole, or burglarized out of delusional behavior or hunger. Most cops will tell you, this is what they spend a great majority of their time with; imagine if they could dedicate it to serious crime!”

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