Joseph Turner
Wednesday, November 2, 2016 – 12:04 a.m.

An anonymous commenter on the Inland Politics blog claiming to have lost his or her father in the December 2 San Bernardino terrorist attack is calling for the dismissal of a San Bernardino Sun columnist named Sal Rodriguez.

The columnist has come under fire after he penned a smear piece of a local candidate over the issue of Syrian refugees which contained inaccurate information and insensitive comments. He subsequently engaged in debates on Facebook whereby he presented false information as being fact.

In addition to posting insensitive comments on Facebook and subsequently deleting them, Rodriguez compared the threat of terrorism via refugees to peanut allergies. He suggested that peanut allergies were a greater threat and that anyone getting enraged by refugees was “pathetic.”

The commenter did not leave an email address or contact information, however the IP address listed under their comment does not match any of the other previous 38,000+ comments that have been submitted in the history of the blog which goes back to August of 2009.

The commenter left a comment on two different blog posts concerning Mr. Rodriguez.

The first one reads:

Well I will not be reading the Sun paper anymore if this idiot is going to be writing opinions with no facts. Sal Rodriguez should be fired immediately. I depend on newspapers for facts not some idiot’s opinion. Downplaying terrorism in San Bernardino County and making a comparison to peanuts is insensitive and he should be terminated. I lost my father in that attack on Dec 2nd. How dare Sal compare peanuts to terrorism!!!!

The second comment reads:

Sal Rodrigues you are a disgusting human being how dare you write this article and how dare you minimize terrorism in this country. Sal have you lost a family member in a terrorist attack? I asked everyone to write a letter to the sun newspaper to make sure that this ignorant person can no longer spread his insensitive garbage.

In addition to drawing the ire of this person claiming to be the child of one of the December 2 victims, Rodriguez has bizarrely insisted that many of the Syrian refugees settled in Southern California are Christian.

The truth is that of the more than 13,000 Syrian refugees settled in the United States this year, only 36 have been classified as Christian by the Refuge Processing Center. Even if all 36 were somehow placed in Southern California, in what universe would 36 constitute “many” when about a 1,000 Syrian refugees alone have been placed just in San Diego?

Mind you…he is still claiming that many of these refugees are Christian even after I have presented a link to a federal website and a screenshot proving my point (see below).


It is shocking that this individual is allowed to write a column for the San Bernardino Sun and its family of papers.

The anonymous commenter is encouraged to reply to this post and include their email address if they would like assistance on this matter.

We similarly share your disgust towards these extremely insensitive comments made by Mr. Rodriguez.