Joseph Turner
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 – 6:42 p.m.

I am not sure who is running the Dick Riddell for Yucaipa City Council campaign, but they should probably be fired.

Riddell is getting pummeled by his opponent, Judge Robert Fawke, over his support for toll lanes.

So, what did Riddell do? He sent out a campaign mailer that actually confirms his support for toll lanes. Pretty shocking.

Let’s take a look at it (click here).

Notice the last sentence in the first bolded paragraph. It reads:

“To encourage carpooling, the Express Lanes will be free to use for those who carpool.”

Um. Okay. So, Riddell’s very own campaign mailer very clearly states that those who don’t carpool will be paying to use the lanes. Is that not a toll lane?

When you drive the 91 between Corona and Orange County – do you consider those toll lanes? Apparently, Dick Riddell doesn’t because they have a high-occupancy exemption. I believe anyone with three individuals in a vehicle get to use those lanes for free.

Californians know that toll lanes are a scam and overwhelmingly reject them because they know that the billions of dollars they pay in a myriad of gas taxes, sales taxes, and other fees are being squandered and misdirected to social welfare programs and other big government waste.

The San Bernardino Associated Governments is one of these big bureaucratic entities where various elected officials and bureaucrats hash out transportation infrastructure improvements.

However, the people of this county have no direct say, input, or means to substantially shape policy.

So, you have elected officials like Dick Riddell who have been around forever able to operate without much fanfare at these meetings.

The truth is that the members of SANBAG, including Riddell, have voted numerous times to study toll lanes. They don’t exactly call it toll lanes…because…well…they aren’t idiots. They know that that won’t sell.

So they hide it with terms like “HOT” lanes, or “high occupancy” toll lanes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that that is a toll lane.

Don’t be deceived by Riddell’s riddle of lies. He supports sticking it to the working class stiffs trying to get to work and back each day. Instead of fighting the bureaucrats in Sacramento and the liberal legislature that takes our taxes and wastes them every year instead of building our infrastructure — it is easier to soak you with toll lanes because they don’t think you are paying attention and once they are built there is nothing you will be able to do about it.

That is the reason you must vote against any candidate that supports toll lanes. This includes San Bernardino County Supervisor Robert Lovingood, Victorville City Councilman “Lyin'” Ryan McEachron, and many others.

Tell Dick to stick…these toll roads where the sun don’t shine on November 8th.