Joseph Turner
Monday, October 17, 2016 – 11:58 a.m.

San Bernardino County Supervisor Robert Lovingood claims to be a Republican. That is odd given his propensity to vote with his liberal colleague more than 99 percent of the time.

I have examined the action item report for every regular board meeting over the last four years. The findings were shocking.

Inland Politics has already established that Lovingood has only brought one significant proposal in his entire four years in office to the board for a vote. Remember that the next time you hear him claiming to have done X, Y, and Z for the voters.

Lovingood is the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. James Ramos, the most liberal member of the board is the Chairman.

What is even more incredible than “Do-Nothing” Bob’s record of nothingness…is that out of the hundreds and hundreds of votes he has cast during his term, he has only disagreed with Ramos on SIX VOTES.

If I missed any, I apologize, as I literally had to navigate through several dozen agendas with scores of votes. I only found six instances.

Here are the votes and the specific date in which I found a disagreement in their voting pattern:

5/21/13 – Item 11
6/4/13 – Item 88
11/19/13 – Item 79
12/17/13 – Item 108
4/5/16 – Item 23
8/23/16 – Item 112

Is it any surprise as to why Lovingood has been endorsed and/or financially supported by every single one of his colleagues?

It is very simple.

He keeps his mouth shut and he doesn’t rock the boat.

When it comes to foster children being sexually abused in the county, he does nothing. When it comes to a CEO who makes about $600,000 a year while covering up a prostitution scandal involving the human resources director, Lovingood praises him while issuing a vote of confidence.

“Do-Nothing” Bob is good at going along to get along. But he is an empty suit. After all, where else would they be able to hide the wires.

James Ramos gave the maximum to Lovingood’s re-election campaign: $4,200 each for the June primary and November general. Ramos’ wife gave at least $4,200 as well. And Mr. Ramos’ tribe that he used to be the Chairman of as well, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, gave at least $4,200.

Why would the Republican Establishment endorse a guy who votes with the liberals 99 percent of the time? What is the point of even having a Republican Party when you are going to support an individual who will merely parrot a Democrat?