Joseph Turner
Saturday, October 15, 2016 – 5:50 p.m.

Well, it is election season and that means one thing! You better have a solid pair of boots so you can wade through all the bullshit.

Supervisor Robert Lovingood mailed out a hit piece on Angela Valles today. It is filled with outright lies and distortions about her record. You can view the mailer here. Before I dissect it, it is worth pointing out one thing.

It is tough for Lovingood to run on a record that includes the sexual abuse and deaths of neglected children in the county foster system, the cover up of a prostitution scandal, and a pension system that is underfunded by $2 billion dollars. When you don’t have a record of accomplishment as an incumbent you have to lie about your opponent. It is pathetic.

Lovingood’s Pathetic Lies

These lies will be thoroughly refuted and debunked below:

LIE #1: Valles wants to weaken Prop. 13 and cites a Cal Chamber Alert from 6-19-15

TRUTH: Valles wasn’t even an elected official in 2015 and the Cal Chamber Alert doesn’t even mention Angela Valles. The quotes attributed to Valles are actually statements made in the Orange County Register about a bill in the state legislature introduced in March of 2015.


LIE #2: Mismanaged tax dollars while Director of Finance for the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority (VVWRA) with quotes from a Victorville Daily Press article from 4-11-16

TRUTH: Angela Valles is not even mentioned in the article and she does not have any authority over the passage of operating budgets.


LIE #3: Pushed City of Victorville Towards Bankruptcy without any direct citation

TRUTH: Angela Valles was elected to the Victorville City Council in November of 2010 and wouldn’t have even been able to vote on a city budget until around June of 2011. She was elected to the council because there were already growing bankruptcy fears. You can read many articles discussing concerns about Victorville’s debt and shady financial operations occurring years before Valles was even elected.

For example, the Securities and Exchange Commission launched an investigation in June of 2011:

A recent grand jury report found that the High Desert city of Victorville used a series of disparate, possibly illegal measures to stave off insolvency. Those included dipping into sanitation funds to help keep the city’s treasury afloat, loaning water agency funds to bail out the city’s electric utility and siphoning $2 million in airport bond funds to buy land for a city library.

The inter-agency borrowing was so questionable — with $69 million sloshing around City Hall as of June 2011 — that the Securities and Exchange Commission launched an investigation, which is ongoing.

Lovingood’s Cover Ups & Corruption

Let’s talk about Lovingood’s record. It is a dandy.

SCANDAL #1: Sexual Abuse & Deaths of County Foster Children

Fox 11 News had an expose featuring county employees who blew the whistle on the corruption in the Children and Family Services Department. Watch the disturbing video here.

County employees are on tape saying that “social workers are being told to leave children in homes that they know are unsafe” and that they are told to “manipulate reports and omit information.”

The San Bernardino County Grand Jury is investigating, the California Attorney General is investigating, and there are reports that the FBI may also join in the investigation.

Did Lovingood call for the termination of those responsible? No. He was silent and ignored the sexual abuse and deaths of children.


SCANDAL #2: Prostitution Arrest Cover Up

Andrew Lamberto, the Director of Human Resources, was arrested in a prostitution sting. Lamberto notified the County CEO, Greg Devereaux, who decided not to inform Lovingood and the rest of the Board of Supervisors. Since Deveraux administered his own punishment before notifying the board, it was impossible to fire Lamberto without risking a lawsuit. Consequently, Lamberto was given six months of paid leave or approximately $200,000 in compensation in a settlement.

Lovingood continues to praise the CEO and did not call for his dismissal.


SCANDAL #3: CEO Compensation Approaching $600,000 a year

Do you think the CEO of the County of San Bernardino should make $600,000 a year? It is grotesque.


SCANDAL #4: Lovingood Hired a Lobbyist Who Lives 300 Miles Away to a $122,000 Part-time Contract

Fred Aguiar is a lobbyist who lives 300 miles away in Paso Robles, CA. Apparently, that makes him qualified to join Supervisor Lovingood’s staff. His compensation: $122,000 per year. His work schedule: 960 hours or fewer per year.

Being able to telecommute and work from home in your pajamas for $127 an hour or more is a nice gig, no?

It is even better when said lobbyist can call around and gather campaign contributions for you. Oh, don’t worry. I am sure Fred was doing it on his own personal time.

Don’t believe me? Here is Fred Aguiar’s Form 700 Statement of Economic Interest filing. Check out page 3 and you will see that Athens Services is one of his clients.

Oh, lookie here…I see that Athens Services has contributed $1,500 to Supervisor Lovingood. Fantastic.


SCANDAL #5: County Pension Fund is $2 Billion Underwater

Lovingood has stated that the county pension fund is fully funded in previous campaign literature. But he is lying. The county pension is underwater by $2 Billion while the stock market is trading near all-time highs. You the taxpayer are on the hook.


Let’s face it, when your record is shit — you are going to pile on the bullshit pretty thick.