Murder Body Outline

Friday, October 7, 2016 – 10:30 p.m.

The unfolding scandal involving the deaths of multiple children, including some as small as infants and toddlers, under the care and custody of San Bernardino County Children and Family Services has become an all out disgrace and miscarriage of justice.

The latest in the highly-publicized scandal, which came to light in 2015, has evolved into an outright “cover your ass” circus.

All in the name of concealment to avoid and limit negligence claims by families of victims.

The California Attorney General, some time ago, waded into the debacle. But only for the sole purpose of examining procedures and practices within the CFS operation.

Not to conduct criminal investigations for the purpose of prosecuting perpetrators.

Now comes the San Bernardino County corruption coverup machinery in full swing.

First the story was that Attorney John Hueston, a familiar name in county investigations, was hired via a no-bid, no limit, contract to defend the county in the attorney general inquiry.

But, in less than twenty-four hours, that spin changed to Hueston and company was now just investigating the whole ordeal. Not defending the county.

Yes. You heard correctly.

The county has hired the firm of Hueston Hennigan to get to the bottom of just how and why several children have died from negligence and abuse.

In other words. Ask some questions and prepare a nice and neat little report and all is well on the fifth floor of the County Government Center.

The firm’s attorney billing rate is $575 per hour. To read the entire contract, click the following link: SBCO-Hueston-Hennigan-Contract

It’s a tragedy where no one will likely be held accountable for any of these deaths, while at the same time, the county, nor its governing board, will take any responsibility in this tragic chain of events.

This matter isn’t over by any stretch.

Those photographs, likely leaked out of the Sheriff’s Crimes Against Children Detail, speak for themselves.

It’s time for federal authorities to intervene here.