The Fair Political Practice Commission won’t be investigating Gov. Jerry Brown, despite an advocacy group’s report about his “Dirty Hands.” (Christophe Petit Tesson / EPA)

Jeff McDonald
September 24, 2016 – 05:00 p.m.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission will investigate donations made to the California Democratic Party by privately owned utilities and other energy interests.

The action was prompted by an August report from the Santa Monica advocacy group Consumer Watchdog, which focused on the political influence of companies that rely on fossil fuels.

Despite the report’s heavy focus on Gov. Jerry Brown — it was entitled “Brown’s Dirty Hands” — the commission did not see fit to investigate the governor himself.

“The decision not to broaden the investigation speaks for itself,” said Evan Westrup, a spokesman for Brown, declining further comment.

The report by Consumer Watchdog tallied almost $10 million in political contributions and compared their timing to decisions made by Gov. Jerry Brown and his appointees. In some cases, donations were made within days of regulatory decisions that benefited the donors.

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