Hillary Clinton

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 – 09:00 a.m.

Players in the Democrat party, talking heads and the so-called GOP establishment (What remains of it!) are starting to up their chorus and pitch as Democrat Nominee Hillary Clinton’s lead rapidly evaporates.

Two weeks ago the mainstream media and several in the Democrat Party were already planning Clinton’s coronation.

Not so fast!

On Tuesday evening, after it became clear that GOP Nominee Donald Trump was traveling to Mexico to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto, CNN (A.k.a. Clinton News Network) went into full panic mode.

Why? Because the move bolsters Trump’s president credentials in foreign affairs and plays into the immigration dialogue.

Even President Barack Obama and the Clinton camp must be pissed right about now. They can only hope that Trump somehow blows it.

Next we have the Clinton scandal saga.

Will it ever end? The answer is NO.

The Clinton Family escapades (i.e. influence peddling) will stay on the radar screen well past the November 8 election.

Now to the polling.

Every recent poll has Clinton lead either shrinking or gone.

The biggest shocker is the Reuters/Ipsos Daily Tracking Poll, which now has the two tied.

In the poll, Clinton did have a 12-point lead back on August 22.

The Los Angeles Times/USC Daily Tracking Poll now has Trump up 3.4-points.

Clinton was up 4.7-points on August 13.

Battleground state polling where Clinton did have very significant leads over Trump have been eroding.

Florida and Pennsylvania are definitely winnable for Trump. Even Michigan is now in-play.

Pennsylvania needs some candidate attention.

People should also pay attention to the easy victories of Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain and Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio in their respective primaries on Tuesday night.

The two men easily won to advance to November.

The premise that Trump appears to be banking on?

As he turns up his campaign attacks against Clinton, continues to convert to a more presidential stature, he’s launching an advertising barrage against Clinton in nine battleground states.

The move clarifies the choice between himself and Clinton.

As long as Trump holds his current trajectory as the parade of scandals continue to hit Clinton, he will win in November.

For voters, even democrat voters, they can only forgive so much when it comes to Clinton’s arrogant mistakes.