John Myers
Aug. 30, 2016 – 7:28 p.m.

Reporting from Sacramento–

Lawmakers on Tuesday narrowly rejected an effort to create new disclosure rules for California political mailers and money gathered from several donors into a single contribution.

Assembly Bill 700 failed by a single vote in the state Senate, needing a supermajority of 27 senators to pass.

The complex campaign finance bill became ensnared in a disagreement this month over whether it represented more or less donor disclosure. The state’s Fair Political Practices Commission voted to oppose late amendments to AB 700 regarding the disclosure rules for “earmarked” contributions.

The bill sought to address instances in which a political contribution is cash collected from a series of donors who ask the identified donor to then “earmark” the money for a particular campaign.

Jodi Remke, the FPPC chairwoman, wrote in a letter last week that the changes to AB 700 would create a “loophole” for some organizations to bypass the contribution limits.

Supporter of the bill disagreed with the FPPC’s interpretation, but the disagreement may have proved a distraction in the bill’s final days.