John Myers
Aug. 29, 2016 – 5:47 p.m.

State lawmakers rejected a plan on Monday to place limits on individual campaign donations for city and county offices, races where in some California communities there are no restrictions on the size of a legal donation.

Assembly Bill 2523 was supported by a simple majority of senators, but had been recently amended to require a supermajority vote to actually pass.

The bill would have set the maximum campaign donation in a local campaign at a level equal to those for Assembly and Senate races, currently $4,200. It would have allowed local communities to set lower limits if desired.

Democrats and Republicans disagreed during the Senate floor debate as to whether setting contribution limits would effectively limit the influence of money on local politics.

Floor debate over the bill had just begun when Senate Republicans halted the proceedings and asked for a private caucus meeting of their members.

The bill would have required only a single GOP senator’s support to pass.