By Joe Nelson, The Sun
Posted: 06/15/16, 5:56 PM PDT |

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors approved a $5.4 billion proposed budget and more than $12 million will be allocated for security enhancements following the Dec. 2 terrorist attack at the Inland Regional Center.

The 2016-17 recommended budget, approved Tuesday, will be back before the board June 28 for adoption. It allocates $10.2 million for security upgrades, plus $2 million for a security assessment at all county buildings.

The $10.2 million is “for various security-related items contained within the Capital Improvement Program,” county spokesman David Wert said in an email.

On May 24, the board approved employment contracts totaling $1 million with Irvine-based TRC Engineers Inc. and Los Angeles-based Guidepost Solutions LLC to do the security assessment at the county’s more than 500 owned or leased buildings.

“The additional $1 million will be held in reserve in the event the county wants to extend the consultant contracts beyond the current $1 million in board authority,” Wert said.

A budget report prepared for county supervisors and a budget letter by county Chief Executive Office Greg Devereaux note the following:

The county’s $2.9 million general fund has $558.3 million that has not been allocated for other uses and is discretionary, and the county has stashed away more than $407 million in reserves — an increase of nearly $140 million since June 30, 2015, when the county reserve balance was $267.5 million.

Human Services constitutes the biggest chunk of the county budget at $1.9 billion, with an increase of $63.5 million in operating expenses, primarily due to an increase in service provider contracts in the Department of Behavioral Health.

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