California Budget

The Associated Press
June 15, 2016 6:44 PM


California lawmakers have approved a $122.5 billion budget that funds state government for 2016-17. The budget was negotiated by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, and the top two legislative leaders, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon of Paramount and Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, of Los Angeles.

Here’s a look at what’s in it, and some things that are not.


— Vehicle registration fees rise from $70 per year to $80, generating about $400 million annually for the Department of Motor Vehicles, California Highway Patrol, Air Resources Board and other departments

— $100 million increase for subsidized child care, growing to $500 million over the next four years

— $107 million next year and $233 million the following year to repeal the maximum family grant in CalWORKs, the state welfare program

— $125.4 million increase for University of California, plus $18.5 million if UC schools enroll more California residents and cap out-of-state enrollment. UC schools also get one-time funds for a variety of temporary projects

— $148.3 million increase for California State University, plus an additional $12.5 million if CSU schools enroll 5,194 additional California residents. CSU schools also get one-time funds for a variety of temporary projects

— $1.3 billion increase for K-12 schools and community colleges, as required by Proposition 98

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