Fred Aguiar

Former Fourth District Supervisor Fred Aguiar is reportedly trying to raise money to oppose his bosses challenger.

Sunday, June 12, 2016 – 11:00 a.m.

It didn’t take long for the chess match to start in the runoff election for San Bernardino County First District Supervisor.

The contest between Robert Lovingood and Former Victorville City Councilwoman Angela Valles already has Lovingood backers worried.

InlandPolitics has learned that Victorville Councilman Ryan McEachron and Former Fourth District Supervisor Fred Aguiar have been calling around looking for developer money to fund a independent expenditure committee to oppose Valles.

These two men being involved makes complete sense of course.

McEachron, for some odd reason, believes he’s the next in line to succeed Lovingood, while Aguiar is the beneficiary of a hand-me-down $120,000 part-time county contract as a consultant to Lovingood. A Lovingood loss would mean no more dough for Freddie.

To view the Aguiar Contract, click this link: Aguiar Contract

Last Tuesday’s election results only looked so-so for Lovingood. That was when the absentee ballot count was released.

However that was the only good news for the first-term supervisor.

Lovingood’s numbers dropped as the night and week went on. He dropped some five percentage points to a reading below 38-percent of the ballots cast. That’s 62-percent of voters wanting someone other than Lovingood.

It’s reported that the other three challengers to Lovingood, Hesperia Councilmen Paul Russ and Bill Holland and Former Apple Valley Town Councilman Rick Roelle (Valles’ Husband) have all endorsed Valles.

Can you say ouch!

It should also be noted that the combined vote totals of Valles and Roelle alone exceed that of Lovingood.

Like I’ve said in previous posts. Valles’ reputation as a take no prisoners open government hawk will, and has, served her well.

That well-known reputation will likely power her to a victory in November.

Meanwhile, Valles’ shouldn’t need as much funding to defeat Lovingood, while Lovingood’s fundraising ability is limited due to limits. She only spent $38,000 to secure second place in a field of five, and was far outspent by Lovingood.

Several currently brewing scandals likely to affect county government will also take their toll on Lovingood.