Election 2016

Saturday, June 11, 2016 – 10:00 a.m.

The Ringling Brothers Circus, I mean presidential race, is in full swing before each major party’s nominating conventions even take place.

Presumptive Democrat Nominee Hillary Clinton continues to take shots at Presumptive Nominee Donald Trump. Even though the shots come from inside Clinton’s Glass House.

In the meantime, all the GOP stalwarts whom the party rank and file has turned against still try to maintain some fragment of relevancy.

So far this week we have Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney calling Trump a racist, while Hewlett-Packard Exec and Former California GOP Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman says she will vote for Clinton.

All of this occurring at a so-called Mitten’s conclave meeting of the elite brain trust.

One question here. Who cares what these two failed candidates think?

Interestingly. Trump is outperforming Mitten’s in every metric when compared to 2012

Then we have the continued dust-up between Trump and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), who endorsed Clinton this week.

Warren, in the same loathsome tone as Clinton, keeps sniping at Trump. Then Trump fires back calling Warren “Pocahontas”.

The label refers to Warren making claims that she’s part American Indian. Warren, without any supporting proof, even listed herself as American Indian on her application to Harvard.

The only problem here? It’s just Warren saying she’s part Cherokee.

My maternal grandfather was one-half Cherokee. But I wouldn’t dare or even have the stones to claim American Indian heritage on any application.

So what gives Warren the crust to do just that?

The Clinton email scandal and the Clinton Global Foundation continue to move further into the spotlight, with news that one classified email on the infamous home-brew server having contained info on impending drone strikes.

Also of note. A donor to the Clinton Foundation was appointed to a sensitive state department nuclear advisory panel even though he didn’t have any unique qualification.

The price? Just a $250,000 check.

And lastly. President Obama gave his blessing to Clinton’s candidacy this week.

Does anyone believe Clinton can take credit for the double-digit Obamacare premium hikes coming this fall?