Tuesday, June 7, 2016 – 10:45 a.m.

It’s semi-official.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be the cage match of the modern political era this November.

Here’s the results of Tuesday final five presidential primaries.

  • Clinton hammered Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in the state of California. Securing enough pledged delegates to secure the Democrat nomination in Philadelphia.
  • Donald Trump has secured enough bound delegates to secure a nomination on the first ballot in Cleveland.
  • Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders refuses to drop out. A development that can’t have Clinton too pleased.

The two, Trump and Clinton, won’t be the official nominees until their respective party conventions.

Trump has indicated that he will deliver a speech next week on the flaws of Hillary Clinton.

I’m sure Clinton is just waiting in anticipation to get blasted by Trump over all of the foreign money her and Bill Clinton have taken from foreign governments. All of the backdoor dealings on government contracts, The Clinton Foundation, Obamacare premiums, and let’s not forget the home-brew email server containing thousands of official government emails.

There’s certain to be a little payback for Clinton’s foreign policy speech last week that ended up being a Trump bash session.

Personally speaking. I don’t think Clinton can take the pounding from Trump.

It essentially boils down to Trump University vs. All the crap the Clinton’s have pulled over the past 35 years.

That’s right! I said 35 years.

Get out the soda, beer and popcorn.